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U.S. Labor Department awards $3m to help Kentucky coal workers

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On May 5, 2015, the U.S. Department of Labor approved a National Dislocated Worker Grant award for up to $7,494,017 – with $1,642,746 released initially – to serve workers affected by layoffs by businesses affected by the decline of the coal industry in Kentucky.

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On July 27, 2016, the department awarded another increment of $2,550,000, bringing the total funds awarded to $4,192,746.

With this incremental award, the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program will receive $3,301,271 to continue this effort, bringing the total funds awarded to date for this project to its fully approved amount of $7,494,017.

On Sept. 5, 2015, the U.S. Department of Labor awarded a Dislocated Worker Grant for up to $2 million – with $1,098,800 released initially – to assist workers hurt by layoffs by three eastern Kentucky coal mining operators.

This award features an incremental amount of $901,200, the remainder of the initially approved amount of $2 million, and a supplemental amount of $2,952,420, bringing the total additional amount awarded to $3,853,620. The total amount awarded to date for this project is $4,952,420.

This funding is part of a multi-agency effort to invest federal economic and workforce development resources in communities and regions negatively impacted by changes in the coal economy.

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