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USDA: Rice trade to increase to 41 million tons

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The USDA says that global rice trade in the calendar year 2014 is likely to increase by about 6% to 41 million tons over 38.7 million tons in 2013, helped by higher imports by China and West Africa.

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The USDA expects India to retain the largest rice exporter status in 2014 with around 10 million tons of rice exports. Rice exports by Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam are also expected to increase in 2014, reports Oryza.

Myanmar's 2014 rice exports are forecast at 1.3 million tons, up 12% from an estimated 1.16 million tons in 2013 based on much larger supplies and upward revisions in export levels for previous years.

The USDA also increased the forecast for Peru's 2014 rice exports to 70,000 tons, about 40% more than an estimated 50,000 tons in 2013 based on larger supplies. However, the USDA lowered Australia's 2014 rice export forecast to 500,000 tons based on smaller supplies.

On the import side, Peru's rice imports are forecast at 220,000 tons in 2014, down about 18% from the previous year, based on a larger crop. Australia's rice imports are expected to increase to 150,000 tons in 2014, up about 7% from an estimated 140,000 tons in 2013 based on tighter supplies.

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