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Waste reform in Russia carried out with moans and groans

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This spring, Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded to remove all landfill sites within major city limits in the coming years.

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The experts of the All-Russia People's Front estimated that this number is about 14,200 dumps. Moreover, according to the co-chairman of the central headquarters of the All-Russia People's Front , the Russian State Duma Deputy Speaker Olga Timofeeva, dumps keep forming.

According to her, "the waste reform is being carried out with moans and groans and, moreover, with violation of the law." The selection of operators has not been yet completed in 13 regions of Russia, contests are underway, but it should be completed before May 1.

"In three regions of the country contests haven't even started yet. Several years ago, the reform was postponed, because it was not clear how much it would cost. They said that a 40-fold increase in price is possible.

"Today, there are serious differences in decisions taken by the tariff authorities across the country: 344 rubles per cubic meter of garbage in Novgorod, 550 rubles - in the Astrakhan Region, more than 900 rubles - in Kamchatka. And it is unclear what it includes - investments, sorting and processing are not always included."

The waste reform will be started on 1 January next year. "Not just a rate should change. We need to see real investors who come and start cleaning, sorting, processing. Moreover, we need to see that garbage is cleaned.

"The All-Russia People's Front has been criticizing the schemes made up by the regions for a year and a half, because they contain serious violations.

"But most importantly, no territorial scheme has been discussed with the Russian population.

"That is why now we do not understand where sorting complexes, landfills and new processing complexes will be built.

"All it causes public protests. But the reason is simple and trivial. Even when we gave the legal opportunity to change the territorial schemes that have already been ordered, today there is no elementary subordinate legislation on how to do it," Olga Timofeeva lamented.

"Today we draw the attention of the new curator, the new head of the Ministry of Natural Resources, that we need the prompt adoption of by-laws.

"There are many instructions from the president that were given to the All-Russia People's Front concerning our project, in particular, about the establishment of a public control and accounting mechanism. The deadline was February 15, 2017.

"Although it is over a year and a half since then, it has not been done yet. We have a very clear direct instruction from the president to analyze the effectiveness of measures for processing solid municipal waste until August 1, 2018.

"We should understand how the opinion of citizens is considered in this regard," Timofeeva said.

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