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Where are Google's engineers?

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To get a job at Google you must prove that you are among the best of the best. So, with thousands of brilliant minds, why Google asked NSA for help in the fight against cyber-intruders?

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According to The Washington Post, the biggest search engine asked National Security Agency for partnership and the cause for that were recent attacks on Google servers that come, so they say, from China. That unexpected move brings several questions to the surface and some answers to them are not logical.

First, to get a job at Google you must prove that you are among the best of the best. The interviews at Google are very demanding and the company is positioning itself as a home of the most clever minds around. To be Ph.D. is simple not enough, you must think fast and be able to see what other don't see. So, with all those experts one would expect that the company can solve its own technical problems, but it can't. What are those experts doing?

Second, why Google chose NSA and not US Department of Homeland Security? If their servers are in the USA, the Department would be a logical choice. Furthermore, US Department of Homeland Security is the umbrella for other organizations and it would be logical to approach them who can then assign tasks to other services and agencies.

Next, it is known that AT&T and Verizon were handing over domestic call information to the agency and that story came out in 2006, resulting in a scandal. Although Google said that it won't give personal data such as the content of e-mails to NSA, that case alarmed groups that fight for privacy rights.

In fact, Google asked NSA for a partnership. If Google wanted help why it didn't simply hire NSA and paid for the help? It would make more sense than entering much deeper relations with the agency which cares for the national security.

The help was asked 24 hours after the attack which brings out another question: Why so fast? Google has very smart crew on board and they certainly wouldn't be panicking under the attack. That decision is not brought to the table overnight. NSA sent its experts, the best technology minds, immediately after the finalizing the partnership.

So, what's the conclusion? At this moment it's too early to say anything but that that partnership is very interesting and the story should be followed. If it's not about Google's global PR move, it will be interesting to see how the partnership will evolve.

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