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Wholesalers suspending delivery of medicines and consumables to Croatian hospitals

Christian Fernsby |
As of Monday, wholesalers are suspending the delivery of medicines and consumables to Croatian hospitals due to a debt that currently stands at $637,881,000.

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Of that amount, as much as $546,755,148 was due for payment, and as there was no reaction to last month's warning about the unsustainability of such a situation, the Association of Wholesalers decided to send a notification to hospitals tomorrow morning that there will be no delivery of medicines and medical supplies material until the problem is at least partially solved.

Wholesalers point out that they no longer have the support of banks for lending, and manufacturers do not want to deliver medicines without payment.

"For the first time in 98 years of Medika's business, we were forced to suspend deliveries because we were brought in front of a wall.

"We did not receive any response to all our letters to ministers and the prime minister, and our warehouses are empty," Medika's director Jasminko Herceg told us.

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