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Within Balkan gas hub, Bulgaria will build gas exchange

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Within the framework of the Balkan gas hub, Bulgaria will build a gas exchange, which will also include private shareholders.

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This became clear during the discussion of changes in the country's energy strategy.

It will be extended to the gas transmission network from the Bulgarian-Turkish border to Serbia. This will require 2 billion and 800 million leva. It is not yet clear when the gas exchange will be built, said Vladimir Marinov, director of Bulgartransgaz.

"The aim at this stage is that this exchange is not 100% state-owned and all end-users on the territory of Bulgaria, all trade unions and employers' organizations will be part of this exchange", Marinov explained.

With Bulgaria's participation in the project to build the liquefied gas terminal at the Alexandroupolis seaport, our country will have the opportunity to receive blue fuel from Qatar, Egypt and the United States.

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