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World relying on China, India for drug raw material

Christian Fernsby |
Many countries including Turkey are relying on China and India for raw materials for drugs believed to cure coronavirus related symptoms.

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"We, like many developed countries, are highly dependent on China and India in terms of raw materials," said Nezih Barut, chairman of leading Turkish pharmaceutical company Abdi Ibrahim.

Scientists and researchers are scrambling to find a vaccine for the novel virus which has infected over 2.42 million people worldwide and killed more than 165,000.

Until such a discovery, health experts are treating patients with anti-malaria drugs, including hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, which have shown positive results for coronavirus-related lung infection.

"As a matter of fact, France announced that 24 patients accepted experimental treatment and 75% of the cases received positive results from the treatment within six days after conducting tests.

"Afterward, China announced that chloroquine phosphate was used in over 100 patients and a positive result was obtained in terms of regression of pneumonia," Barut said.

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