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World-class Iranian carpets again in U.S. markets

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After implementation of the nuclear deal, obstacles in the way of exporting Iranian carpet to U.S. has been removed and the markets have been opened to Iranian carpets.

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In the first quarter of the current Iranian year (beginning on March 20), 27 tons of Iranian hand-woven carpets worth $2 million were exported from Isfahan province to countries like the U.S., Kuwait, Emirates and Qatar among which US has the biggest share of 33%.

Over 2,000 tons of hand-woven carpets worth $66 million were exported from Iran which had 120% growth in weight and 39.8% in value compared to the previous year which was about 900 tons of carpets worth around $47 million.

As the biggest importer of Iranian carpet, U.S. had a 16.5-share worth $82 million in 2009-2010.

Despite the competition of many countries like China, India and Pakistan to get upper hand in the carpet market, no country has been able to compete with Iranian carpets.