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Worldwide business smartphone shipments increased 24.3%

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Worldwide business smartphone shipments reached 116.8 million units in Q4 2015, an increase of 24.3% from Q3, and 12.7% increase from Q3 2014.

Android was the dominant platform worldwide, accounting for almost 2/3 of all business smartphone shipments in Q4 2015. Apple iOS had 37.9% of all shipments, while Microsoft and Blackberry accounted for merely 2.4% and 0.5% of shipments respectively.

Worldwide, Personal Liable smartphones are still the dominant type of business smartphone, with over two-thirds of shipments falling into this category, versus 34% of shipments being corporate liable.

According to the Strategy Analytics Mobile Workforce Strategies (MWS) report, "Global Business Smartphone Quarterly Tracking Q4 2015", "although BYOD remains a fast growing trend within enterprises, corporate liable purchasing continues to increase as companies still want full control over mobile access to corporate networks for many of their users," said Gina Luk, Senior Analyst of Mobile Workforce Strategies and author of the report.

"In terms of OS performance, iOS took significant corporate-liable market share from Android, and emerged as the top choice for businesses in terms of corporate-liable devices.

"Apple's vision for the enterprise has really taken shape over the past year, and we believe the standardized OS approach across iPhone and iPad as well as the partnership with IBM, have played a significant role in boosting that," added Andrew Brown, Executive Director of Enterprise Research at Strategy Analytics.

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