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Bentley Brooklands for a gentleman

Edward Green |
Drive no faster than necessary to beat the opposition. And enjoy the company of your lady and luxury of true Bentley.

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In the South East of England there is district called Surrey. In the Elmbridge district there's a town Weybridge, bounded by the rivers Thames and Wey, hence the name. Among the several areas of Weybridge the most interesting for this story, and for the drivers of the world, as we will see shortly, is Brooklands.

Back in 1907, Mr. Hugh Locke-King set aside 330 acres of his land and built what will be one of the most famous racing circuits on the world. The track was opened on June 17, and it stayed opened for racing until the political turmoil in 1939 that led to Second World War. During its relatively short life, Brooklands saw many grand races which are now part of the history.

A very important part of Brooklands history was Walter Owen Bentley. Mr. Bentley founded Bentley Motors Limited on January 18, 1919, and very soon "the fastest lorries on the world" won many victories driven by "Bentley boys". Walter Owen Bentley, widely known as W. O. Bentley, has striven to built the best, and that remains the Bentley's motto until today. Any of Bentley's cars is not just a nice, expensive vehicle, but the car with perfection in every detail and all amenities you could think of.

Among several great models, Bentley Brooklands is the real Bentley. It is huge as a house, yet fast and elegant as a racing horse. Bentley Brooklands is driving machine for a gentleman that needs luxury while cruising hundreds of miles. Although Brooklands' exterior looks harmonious, the true luxury is inside. And that's the way it should be because the gentleman doesn't sits on the roof, does he?

The interior of Bentley Brooklands has some sporty spirit, but it is clear that unbelievable effort and craftsmanship is needed to create driver's temple. The interior is warm, rich and with plenty of leather (15 cows to be precise), and if you think that you know better, you may choose from a palette of veneers, carpet and seat belt colours. Although there are some sport details inside, the designers obviously wanted to create the interior of comfort and legroom. And they succeeded because there is enough room inside for basketball player, an you fell like a king. The finest leather is everywhere - the cabin is entirely trimmed with leather hides. The windows are without pillars and that is perfect for undisturbed look at trees near you and mountains far away as they are passing by.

The length of Bentley Brooklands is 5,4 meters, width is slightly over 2 meters, and it weights over 2,5 tonnes. But, have no fear: The engine will accelerate Brooklands from 0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds. It is not Formula 1, but is not far from it. In spite of the fact that it not the fastest car on the world, I believe that Brooklands is the fastest luxury car. The engine has 6761cc and delivers monstrous 530bhp at 4000 rpm. Yes, you read it right: 395kW.

The automatic gearbox in the combination with big wheels and strong brakes creates magnificent feelings. When you press the pedal you'll think that you are in the plane. Brooklands is extremely fast, but it is easy to drive and if you follow the advice "Drive no faster than necessary to beat the opposition", you will be safe. Of course, from time to time you will give the steering wheel to a chauffer and a glass of campaign to your lady. Have a nice trip, Sir.

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