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Micromanaging is the worst enemy of efficiency and teamwork

August 2, 2022
Micromanaging is the most common source of high-stress levels and dread in the workplace.

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Is social media marketing worth what it’s costing you?

Fighting fraud from the top: Illegal activities have simple beginnings

Niger set to monetize massive gas reserves through Saharan natural gas pipeline

February 25, 2022
Enabling Europe to tap into West Africa’s abundant natural gas supplies, the Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline is expected to boost exploration in The Republic of the Niger and expand its energy industry.

Putting the brakes on EV folly that choked the market

February 16, 2022
BMW CEO Oliver Zipse has a two-word message for those demanding an all-electric vehicle fleet and the outlawing of internal combustion engines. “Slow Down!”

Oil discovery in Kavango Basin may mean huge benefits for Namibians

August 9, 2021
No need to lament about the oil discovery in Namibia’s Kavango Basin.

Cape Town and Dubai battle over Africa's energy future

June 28, 2021
It was quite a shock to Africa Energy Chamber Executive Director NJ Ayuk – and an even bigger shock to the Chamber – that the London-based Hyve group decided to move the annual Africa Oil Week from Cape Town, South Africa to Dubai.

Is America going to lose its superpower status?

September 28, 2020
As the U.S. presidential election approaches, there seems to be no progress. Taking liberal democracy as an example, people question whether they will respect the people's fate that appeared in November.

The challenge of Africa is not the same as Qatar’s. It is a lot harder

December 2, 2019
Commenting on 'Africa can’t duplicate Qatar’s LNG experience but it can learn', Robert Brooks, PhD, founder of RBAC, Inc., says it's an 'interesting article, but not quite accurate or complete.'

Africa can’t duplicate Qatar’s LNG experience but it can learn

November 23, 2019
As I got into the process of writing my recent book Billions At Play, The future of African Energy and doing deal, the story of Qatar intrigued me. Its success is contagious and African LNG producers can learn from this country.

When you’re a leader, business productivity means accomplishing what matters most

October 29, 2019
A lot of people in business are under the impression that the more things they do, the more productive they become.

Fighting fraud from the top: Illegal activities have simple beginnings

September 12, 2019
Why do we stop at traffic lights? It's not because we are naturally attuned to seeing red as the order to stop.
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