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Is there conflict in your team?

Shweta Jhajharia |
Your team members are arguing with each other? Good! One of my clients said it best: “Silence is violent disagreement.” Let me explain what he means.

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Silence is a violent disagreement. This is what Adam shared with many business owners in the room and he himself runs a high growth successful company.

What he was talking about was that how it has steam meetings if someone is not saying something keeping quiet then they take it as a violent disagreement that person’s silence. He wants his team members to engage, to debate, to discuss to actually have conflict to fight it out.

And for him it’s a healthy sign. It’s a sign of a functional team. And I’m sharing this with you because I wanted to have a check for yourself as to how much of conflict is present in your team meetings.

And it’s really important that you see some conflict because if there’s no conflict then people are sitting silently VIOLENTLY DISAGREEING or actually being disengaged from the whole process.

And remember one thing that the conflict is good when the fundamental of that is present which is the trust. And there are ways to build trust and there are many ways to break that trust.

And today I just wanted to flag it up for you because we and our clients be very aware of the fact that yes we want to create the ongoing trust in the team members in their businesses and that trust leads to more conflict, healthy conflict which leads to more commitment, more accountability and much better results.

Because at the end of the day having a business does not mean that you have to drag and push the team members. It doesn’t mean that you have to do everything on your own.

What it means to actually to have talent on board to actually leverage that collective intelligence that collective efforts, collective engagement for your business. So everyone and that process and being better, doing better, and achieving better.

BIOGRAPHY Shweta Jhajharia is a serial entrepreneur, an international business speaker, ActionCOACH’s top coach globally and has been recognised as one of Global Guru's top 30 coaching professionals in the world.

She is a multi-award winner, including two prestigious International Stevie Awards, Millionaire Coach Award and British Franchise Association’s Judges Award, and has been featured by more than 50 leading media outlets.

She is also the author of the Amazon bestseller - SPARKS, Ideas to Ignite Your Business Growth.

Shweta brings an experienced background of being Global Marketing Manager with Unilever before starting her business coaching firm in 2008.

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