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79% of countries have better Wi-Fi in hotels than U.S.

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In Europe, it is 33% more likely that a hotel has adequate Wi-Fi than in the United States; but in the United States, it is 14% more likely that a hotel will offer free in-room Wi-Fi.

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Asia is at the top when it comes to hotel Wi-Fi quality (49.5%), but at the bottom for the percentage of hotels offering free in-room Wi-Fi (61.2%), according to Hotel Wi-Fi Test.

The United States is only in the 21st percentile for Wi-Fi quality; 79% of countries have better hotel Wi-Fi.

South Korea is the leader in hotel Wi-Fi quality (92%) by a healthy margin in 7.1 percentage points to the second best country (Japan).

In the United States, Hotel Wi-Fi Test took the 20 most-tested cities and sorted them by Wi-Fi quality. This means that a lot of cities are not on the list, because they don’t have enough tested hotels, not because of poor quality of the hotel Wi-Fi.

For example, New York’s 8th place out of 20 means that it is in the 62.5th percentile: 62.5% of all countries have better hotel Wi-Fi, and 37.5% of them have worse hotel Wi-Fi.

Therefore, if Hotel Wi-Fi Test took more than 20 US cities for its ranking, more than 7 U.S. cities could have better hotel Wi-Fi than New York, but some of them are just not tested well enough to be ranked in this report.

Tourism Accommodation Australia CEO Carol Giuseppi says high-speed, secure Wi-Fi did not come cheap with the average installation cost for a hotel around $120,000 so it's understandable that some hotels charge guests for the Wi-Fi connection.