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Events in November 2009

Nalynn Dolan Caine |
Those who believe can change the world, says proverb. Those who invest can make profit, some who work illegally can lose assets, that's life. But nothing happens overnight. Except the Six-Day Race.

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Munich, Germany
November 12 - 17, 2009

The UCI Track Cycling World Championships takes place in a different country each year. This winter, adrenaline full Six-Day Race takes place in Munich starting November 12th.

Everything on Six-Day Race happens fast. The track is 200 m long with 10 to 11 second laps, there are various disciplines (7 for women, 8 for men) and distances in track cycling vary. That speed packed competition could easily become one of your favourite events.

What stands true is that there will be a lot of qualifying races and collecting points the way that only true lovers of that sport can follow, but professionals are there to give an explanation and it will be easier for you to understand what's going on. As the hosts of this event are Italians you may expect an absolute madness, a lot of good music and above all a fantastic, absolutely fabulous Italian catering during the event.

The guys will sprint, chase each other, ride 50km, compete as the team, ride in couples and even follow a motor bike going faster and faster. For those who survive there are additional two and a half laps of frantic sprint. An absolute and total madness, be there.

Fort Lauderdale, Fl., USA
November 17, 2009

Was Bernard Madoff bull or bear on the stock market we don't know, but we surely do know that his Bulls will get a lot of attention of prospective buyers. His yachts, Bull, Sitting Bull and Little Bull will be on auction on Tuesday, November 17th at 4pm at National Liquidators' headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. The true lovers of beautiful yachts and those who want a piece of Wall Street history will have a chance to buy one of those true beauties, so be sure not to miss it.

The biggest excitement can be expected at the presentation of Bull, a 55-foot, 1969 Rybovich fishing boat. She is worth about $2.2 million and it's in an excellent condition. She is a true classic with great seakeaping ability and excellent layout with a luxurious master stateroom, comfortable guest rooms and elegant details inside the cabin.

The Sitting Bull, a 38-foot, 2003 Shelter Island Runabout, and the Little Bull, a 23 foot, 2000 Maverick Boat Company, are also more than worth to be seen. All bidders are required to pre-register because the live auction will be restricted to pre-registered bidders and invited guests. The last pre-registration date is November 12th.

London, United Kingdom
November 16 - 22, 2009

For all those antique lovers or just antique investors London's Olympia is the place to be from November 16-22. The Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair, one of the most important antiques events of the year in the United Kingdom, attracts more than 20,000 visitors each year.

Among more than 150 antiques specialists you'll have a chance to meet Robert Barley with his pictures and furniture from 2000BC to 2008AD, John Bennett with the British and European Oil Paintings from 17th century, Sanda Lipton with antique silver, and Peta Smyth Antique Textiles.

And that's not all. At The Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair you will see the largest collection of original letters written by King George V outside the royal archive, the original drawings by the furniture designers employed for the refurbishment of the 1842 Winter Palace in St Petersburg and a rare collection of naval relic canes from some of the most important ships in British naval history.

Every exhibitor has been approved by a panel of 150 experts from Europe and Britain, so you may be sure that every piece is authentic.

Samnaun, Switzerland
November 27 - 28, 2009

Let us say a few words about believing in Santa Claus, about telling to the children that he doesn't exist at all. If you are one of those parents with that attitude, good for you. That's a very noble deed. It is not nice to we lie to anyone.

But, take some time and try to remember how you prepare your kid before you're taking her to a doctor who will do blood tests or vaccinate her. Do you explain to her the details how the doctor will stick the needle into her vein and actually cause her the pain, or you just say to her: "The doctor will take some of your blood, you will see it's nothing, it will last a second but after that you and I are going to buy an ice cream to you."

No matter what of those two you told to your child, that thing hurts. But the second story is a little white lie and the second kid is happy to have you for the parent. Give to your child something to believe in. Those who believe can change the world. That's a part of childhood, just like stories about princesses and Superman.

Starting November 27th Samnaun in Switzerland will host the world's craziest Santa's tasks competition, Santa Claus World Championship. Take your child with you and enjoy Christmas' magic.

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