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I am Monet, I am Shishkin, I am Malevich in Minsk

Christian Fernsby |
An exhibition "I am Monet, I am Shishkin, I am Malevich" is been held in Minsk till 12 of May in the National Center for Modern art.

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Anyone who considers himself an artist can take part in the exhibition: bring one of your works and it will be exhibited.

Painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, new media, as well as audiovisual and spectacular art forms are accepted to the exhibition.

Each guest of the exhibition can vote for their favorite works, and at the end of the exhibition the winners of the audience vote will be determined.

The National Center for Contemporary Arts will make a catalog with the works of all exhibitors, and the winner of the audience vote will have the opportunity to create their own personal exhibition.

Where: Str. Nekrasova 3, National Center for Modern art, Minsk, Belarus

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