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Places to go (12)

Nalynn Dolan Caine |
This week visit Paris and eat cookies in one beautiful patisserie, fly to Turks & Caicos in the northern Caribbean, hear the Hawaiian legend and sit in Toronto's CN Tower.

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Hawaii, Lanai
Lanai island was first known as the "Pineapple Island" because it is the smallest of the Hawaii's islands, then it became popular as "Hawaii's Private Island". Wealthy people turned it to prestige destination and the place that you must visit at least once. Prepare yourself to pleasant 22 Celsius or around 30 Celsius at the beaches and reserve your "piece" of Lanai in Four Seasons Resorts at Manele Bay situated on the beach or choose quiet and peacefully located Four Seasons Resort The Lodge at Koele hidden out from the view. If you can't sit still wondering what to do, Lanai offers a lot, except boredom.

You can ride, snorkel on one of Hawaii's best diving spots in Hulopoe Bay, take a guided tour of the moon-like Keahiakawelo, drive the Munro Trail for incredible views, run or play golf in one of a unforgettable golf fields on the Earth. Every summer Lanai celebrates unique Pineapple Festival in tribute to its favourite fruit pineapple, so you can mingle with people and maybe hear one of Lanai's stories. Puu Pehe or "Sweetheart Rock" is one of Lanai's most recognizable landmarks and the place of one of Hawaii's most enduring legends about young princess from Maui and a young warrior. But, that story you will hear from a born Lanaian not from us.

Canada, Toronto
Toronto is the biggest and the most multicultural Canada's city in which lives 80 nations that speaks more than 100 languages. It is the fifth biggest city in North America after Mexico City, New York, Los Angles and Chicago. Toronto people also call "Hollywood of a North" because it is the third North America city known to numerous theatres and movie industry. Allegedly 25 percent of Hollywood movies are recorded exactly in Toronto.

To meet Toronto, visit Toronto's trade mark CN Tower with its four lookout levels from which you can see a whole city. CN Tower offers Glass Floor and Outdoor Observation Deck and Horizons Café and the Indoor Observation Deck and depends of how brave you are you can go higher and higher. Spend the time and lunch in the most delicious and award wining 360 Restaurant that rotates; it will offer you a very pleasant time.

Not one proposal in 360 Restaurant ends successfully, so you can try this exhibition on 351 meters. Now, when you are smudged and happy, we lead you to Toronto's underground. Yes, who flies high, falls very quickly. It is called life. Toronto's PATH, with its 27 kilometres, is the largest underground shopping complex which entered Guinness World Records. Follow red letter P for South, orange A for West, blue T for North and yellow H for East, and you will find the light, eventually.

We all know three important words: location, location, location. Poandpo reveals the forth and it is the Parrot Cay. Located in the Turks & Caicos in the northern Caribbean, Parrot Cay is a true sanctuary only one hour flight from Miami. Parrot Cay villas offer large bedrooms with ocean-view areas, living room, dining area, kitchen and outdoor dining area, private swimming pool, direct access to the beach and private butler service.

Do you need something more? Visit COMO Shambhala Retreat at Parrot Cay and enjoy in yoga, leaded by world's professionals and international health consultants. Parrot Cay and COMO Shambhala Retreat are not the places for business talking, laptops and mobile phones. Leave it at home. Even you need a time to fill your batteries now and then, and to find the spot in your body that we like to call balance. If you think that you already are balanced visit your doctor before you go.

If she finds increased cholesterol and sugar, fats in blood and arrhythmia, you are balanced like Jeremiah from legendary comic book Alan Ford. Sit on the floor, breath with full lungs (they will teach you how) and stretch easily. You will be back home like a rubber man and write thank your letter to COMO Shambhala Retreat staff.

Europe, Paris
Now is the time to spend some money. After you spend some time walking through Paris fancy boutiques visit one unique store. After the opening in 1997, Colette shop instantly became one of the most visited shops in Paris. In Colette you can find designer’s brands, exclusive books, electronics, CDs and DVDs and lots of other interesting items. You may also visit its Water Bar below in the basement and spend one or two hours at that interesting must see place.

After visiting Colette, treat yourself with delicious tea and cookies from patisserie Ladurée Royale. That Paris's cafe was the first that allowed women to step in. Try the Elysées: Cake marked from cocoa biscuit with praline. Its thin, crispy chocolate arrives straight from Madagascar.

Ladurée Royale was the bakery in the beginning in 1862. Settled on Paris' Champs Elysées, the brand spread its name first to classy salons through Paris than to Monaco and London. With time, it evolved into a tea salon and then to an ice cream parlour. Sofia Coppola used Ladurée Royale's atmosphere in her movie Marie Antoinette. Actor Kirsten Dunst nibbled Ladurée Royale's cakes with pleasure.

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