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Nalynn Dolan Caine |
This week we lead you to Dolomites, to beautiful valley Puster and after that to "The Venice of the North", in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Dolomites, Italy

Just beyond town Sesto (Sexten), situated in the most eastern part of Trentino-South Tyrol in the Puster valley, lies The Berghotel & Residence Tirol, member of Small Elegant Hotels, beautiful typical Dolomite-style hotel towered by high mountains. That whole area is breathtaking, the hotel have panoramic swimming pool, fitness centre with sauna, and many rooms have large balconies so the view of mountains is almost guaranteed. Dolomites are true tourist paradise. First of all, Dolomites are famous for alpine skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing or sledging in the winter months, but also for hang gliding, paragliding, swimming, cycling, walking and even for a golf at summer months.

The Berghotel & Residence Tirol
is situated in a peaceful area without traffic so if you are searching for a place that offers relaxing holidays without usual crowd gently Puster valley could be your choice. When you are there visit nearby Innichen-San Candido at the Toblach-Dobbiaco, a charming village with old houses and nice churches. From January 10th to 18th the Dolomites Balloon festival 2009 will take place so take a chance to book a long flight over the Dolomites, or at least one-hour trip.

Of course, the whole event depends on weather conditions but there's no doubt that weather will be good at least for a few days. Have a nice time in The Berghotel & Residence Tirol, taste Tyrol's cheeses, sausages and local wines to compare it with your product at home, make a lot of pictures to show it to your friends and enjoy in beautiful nature.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Which city is built on more than 100 islands and has more than 500 bridges? Yes, the answer is St. Petersburg in Russia or, as people like to call, it "The Venice of the North". St. Petersburg is Russia's second largest and Europe's fourth largest city. Before we guide you through this lovely city we recommend you to stay in 19th century building situated in the heart of the city in Casa Leto which was originally build as apartments for rich and famous people. This beautiful private small hotel will offer you all commodity and services as any big and serious hotel in the city, plus services as theatre booking, or if you need they will give you a hand to find an office in the city centre.

To visit St. Petersburg and not to find the time to see the town would be very sad, so let's start. As we said St. Petersburg has over 100 islands and bridges are an essential part of St. Petersburg architecture. Probably the most famous bridge is 97 meters wide iron Blue Bridge that got the name by its blue colour. St. Petersburg is also a city of unbelievably number of museums starting with Hermitage museum with 2.7 million exhibits. People say that if you would like to see every exhibit you would need 11 years. If you have just 11 minutes of free time, don't miss Hermitage at any cost.

Also, don't miss parks and gardens that are especially beautiful in this time of the year. Among many islands visit Vasilevsky Island, the home of St. Petersburg most famous buildings or Kamenny Island, place for royalties and wealthy people in the past and charming place for walking today.

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