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Nalynn Dolan Caine |
This week we follow Erich von Däniken, guide you to Malaysia and tax sanctuaries on Bermuda and Cook Islands.

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Easter Islands
Easter comes early this year and we decided to invite you to Easter Island. Islands got the name after Danish sailor Jakob Roggeveen who discovered it in April 5, 1722 on Easter Sunday. Famous Erich von Däniken, a man who even sees aliens in a coffee residue, proclaims the theory that some creatures from other planets created famous Moai sculptures with ultramodern machines. So, lots of visitors couldn't take the fact that sculptures are made by ably Polynesian citizens. Fortunately, Däniken gave up of this theory a long time ago.

On the other hand, Mata ki te rangi (Polynesian second name for island which means "The eye which looks to sky"), forces you to think. First Polynesian name for the island is "Te pito o te henua" or "Navel of the World", but this is one data too much for not serious people. If it is still not clear what to look on Easter Island, our tip are Moai sculptures. They are big enough for picturing and controversial enough to be seen.

And while we are talking about Däniken one news in our newspaper attracted my attention. Allegedly, Robbie Williams will become an ufologist. Däniken's successor supposedly had close contact with aliens. Three contacts, to be specific. The last one happened while writing the song about the contact with aliens. That fact gives me a hope that in the future I will have more unusual destinations (stories?) to describe, thanks to Mr. Williams.

Common traveller can experience Malaysia as a country full of controversies. This is country full of colours, races and contrasts. On one side you can see a fully covered Muslim women beside Chinese girl in mini skirt and high heels, luxury hotels and resorts centres beside poor Malaysian houses. But, this is the reality of every country which grows to take place in the world. In the last two decades Malaysia took great steps. And when you adapt to Malaysia temperature oscillation and moisture (99 percent), visit Petronas Towers, Malaysian pride and joy.

With a height of 1,453 feet they are one of the world's tallest buildings above the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. For more active day choose Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, city's most popular park.

Along with the exceptional botanical garden you can enjoy in jogging tracks, exercise stations or rowing boats. Inevitable visit The Orchid Garden with more than thousands of varieties (over 800 just from Malaysia) of that beautiful flower or visit Hibiscus Garden. One of choices can be Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, the largest bird park in South-East Asia which holds thousands of birds representing nearly every major species of this part of the world.

Or, The Butterfly Park houses, an imitation of the butterfly's natural habitat, with some 6.000 butterflies of over 120 species. Where ever you go don't chew a gum. Yes, you read well - it is forbidden to chew a gum on the street. That "game" can cost you 200 dollars, so better be careful than sorry.

To visit Bermudas you don't need 101 reasons. First this is a favourite tax sanctuary for lots of companies. Large numbers of leading international insurance companies are based in Bermuda making the territory one of the world's largest reinsurance centres. Second, where else you can find pink sand beaches, which are natural beauty of Bermuda? When you fill pants with sand and after it starts to saw your nerve, hire a scooter (no rent a car on the island) and visit Aquarium or Underwater Exploration Institute. Botanical Gardens can attract your attention, too, as well as Bermudas Zoo.

Bermuda can also offer you Crystal Caves with its impressive stalactites and underground saltwater pools and The Fantasy Cave which was re-opened in 2001. Visitors can take a tour of the cave walking on a wooden pontoon constructed over the water. The clarity of water is so perfect that it is possible to see the cave floor which at one point lies 55 feet below the water's surface. If nothing suits you, stay in a hotel. We recommend Pink Beach Club in Tucker's Town. Hotel has private beach, 94 apartments, pool, two tennis courts and more.

Every room have ocean view (4 don't) and its private terrace. Bathrooms are equipped with Italian's ceramics. If you wish to have wellness treatments in a room, your request will be fulfilled. You can also play cricket. Outside of course, where else? For 385 dollars and up all that can be yours.

Cook Islands
Cook Islands is another business favourite tax sanctuary. To get some picture of Cook Islands we will tell you that they covers an area as large as Western Europe. While you play Eeny, meeny, miny, moe to chose which island to visit, we lead you to Aitutaki. Just for the record, the most popular sport on Aitutaki is rugby, a very popular on the island as it is in much of the Pacific. On Aitutaki there are four clubs and eight teams in population of 2000. If you are rugby addict we fond your weak spot, and if not you can choose between water scoters, canoes, swimming in a pool, diving in ocean, or just rent good old bike.

For resting, choose Pacific Resort Aitutaki with 27 absolute luxurious beachfront bungalows, suites and villas, all with their own personal and panoramic view of Aitutaki world-famous lagoon. They can also offer you to arrange your wedding. I am telling you that just in case if you suddenly hear a voice of Lord of the Rings which can happen in the place like that. If you are still young and want to live in peace with yourself we can also inform you that Aitutaki Island is of volcanically origin so you can enjoy in beautiful corals which simply must be seen.

To those who must move all the time Aitutaki Tours recommend: Lagoon Cruises, Paradise Island tours, Bishops Cruises, Deep Sea Fishing Don Wat, Bishops Cruises and Kit Kat Cruises. Don't ask me anything about the last two because I don't have a clue. Just take care, ok?

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