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Nalynn Dolan Caine |
January 12, 2008
Americas, Arizona

If you're looking for some thrilling events come to Phoenix in Arizona once, on Saturday 12. This is one really men's event, but women can go, too. FIM World Championship Supercross comes to Chase Field in Phoenix to bring the house down!

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In exciting and breathless jumps will enjoy everyone who loves sport and appreciate sport skills. So, if you're in the neighbourhood come and be a part of the crowd. Crashes of the competitors are almost guaranteed and included in the price of the tickets that costs 10 - 60 dollars.

January 9-13, 2008
Europe, France

People with some different skills do exciting things on the other side of the World. They choose to defy winter and snow, most of all - ice. They are ice climbers and they are very, very good. To the Ecrins Ice climbing event responded 800 glaciarists from over 30 different countries. This 5 days event is dedicated to the health of our planet, this year. If you can at all, come and enjoy in event, in snow and ice, and the most of all, in ice climber's paradise with freeze waterfalls around. Traditional gala evening includes giant cauldrons of soup and mulled wine, films on an ice screen, entertainment and shows and night in tents.

January 11-13, 2008
Europe, The Nederlands

This year's InterClassics & TopMobiel is dedicated to 60th birthday of Ferrari that will be celebrated with more than 60 types of Ferrari cars. The even will be held at Maastrichts Expositie & Congres Centrum and if you may visit Maastricht and enjoy in cars that probably saw much better days than we experience today. Along with history of Ferrari take a peek at Formula 1 bolides, too. And be sure not to miss TopMobiel, cream of the fair. The fair is the perfect place to meet old-timer aficionados, to find literature or to exchange experience.

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Europe, Romania

For spending a time in Romania we recommend Princely Palace in Bucharest, Romania's capital. The best place where you can refresh your history knowledge or learn some new facts. Prince Vlad the Impaler during his reign built the Princely Palace. He was even in his days known as Dracula, Son of the Dragon. Despite the legendary brutality that extended to his people, he successfully fought off the Turks and kept the Ottoman Empire out of the door. Today, many Romanians think of him as of great warrior and a hero who died defending his country. So, be open-minded and freely walk through halls of the Palace and discover what's a fiction and what's the truth.

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Europe, Greece

In Athens, we find Mr. Pantelis Melissinos who works as a third generation sandal-maker and sandal-designer in his shop. His workshop was make leather sandals for celebrities such as Barbra Streisand, Sophia Loren, Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep, John Lenon and lot of other stars. Summer will come soon, and if you are in visiting of Athens walk to 2, Aghias Theklas St., in the Psirri area, next to Monastiraki Square and visit the shop inevitable. Mr. Melissinos currently working as a painter. His paintings can be found in private collections in New York, Hartford, Ohio, Philadelphia, Boston, London, Tokyo, Paris and Athens.

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