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Planning the weekend around the globe (17)

Nalynn Dolan Caine |
October 4, 2007 - January 6, 2008
America, USA

If you are into Mozart, Bach and Haydn, you are most probably aficionado of classic art. In Philadelphia Museum of Art you can enjoy the landscapes of Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

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Some 70 painting by great artist were drawn from the USA and other countries, and they show 30 years of impressionist’s career. From the 1860s and Monet-Sisley-Renoir friendship, to 1870s experimentation, to 1880s with trips to Italy and Africa... This exhibition clearly shows that great artist loved the nature, the fact that his colors prove.

The colors became more and more intense with years, while subtle touch and vaporous effects clearly defined Renoir not as just great painter, but also as the great ecologist. Bring someone with you and spend one great afternoon in museum.

October 1 - September 11, 2007
Europe, Croatia

Long time ago, Russian emperor Aleksander III decided to surprise his wife, empress Maria Feodorovna, with delightful gift for Easter. Czar Aleksander ordered richly designed eggs from imperial goldsmith and jeweler Peter Carl Faberge. First egg was made in 1885 and empress was pleased because the egg had a little surprise inside. It was a miniature replica of crown with ruby in golden yolk. Czar Nikolai II continued with giving the eggs, so Faberge made 50 eggs, 13-22 centimeters high. The Faberge eggs collection came to Croatia to city of Dubrovnik.

Exhibition "Faberge in Dubrovnik - the treasure of imperial Russia" is opened until September 11. Exhibition consists of hundreds of exhibits of Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg, who is known as the owner of Faberge eggs. From 42 eggs still preserved, Viktor Vekselberg owns nine of them.

For those one who play for sure
Europe, the Netherlands

One of the most original items to take back home from Amsterdam is a clog. You can buy something else but be sure that is legal. With clogs you can't fail. In 1919 after the First World War there were 3,900 wooden shoe factories in Holland. Today, the number of factories had reduced to 1,800. For a perfect pair of clogs it need fresh, wet wood cut in square blocks. The wood is then chopped and smoothed in the right shape. After that finished clogs are painted.

If you decide for traditional painted pair of clogs, chose those one painted in yellow with a red pattern. If you're in some "special" mood, chose those ones painted like a cow or with flowers on it.

When you're in Ireland
Kilkenny, Ireland

In the city of Kilkenny 782 years ago William Marshall the Younger built the Black Abbey. That magnificent building still stands on Abbey Street despite the turbulent centuries that followed. The abbey, founded for Dominicans, was dissolved in 16th century, became a courthouse, and restored again to church in 19th century. In the "L" shaped interior of Black Abbey, with a very specific atmosphere, you can easily forget that you're in 21st century.

The alabaster sculpture of the Holy Trinity and the statue of St. Dominic carved in Irish oak are mildly lighted through the window that depicts the 15 mysteries of the Rosary. Spend some time among the great slabs and stone coffins from the middle age, and your voice will ring under the ancient wooden roof: "Bring me my sword!" Be careful not to scare your company to the death.

When you fell like shopping
Europe, Hungary

While Faberge eggs are in Dubrovnik, at Folkart Kezmuveshaz store in Budapest you will find the traditional Hungarian wooden, hand-painted eggs. Hungary is the country of the handcrafts, and Folkart store is the place with broad range of such items. There you can find shawls, wool jackets, laces, linen and clothing... all handcrafted, with great love and patience. In the small shop you will also find porcelain, ceramics, wooden toys...

It is really hard to leave Folkart with empty hands. Add to that products of excellent quality and friendly stuff, and you'll probably be back for one more thing. â– 

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