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Underwater waterfall helicopter tour waiting for you

Nalynn Dolan Caine |
This stunningly beautiful underwater waterfall looks like it might suck you under and take you with it. However, it is just an optical illusion.

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If you want to go and see it, then go to the island of Mauritius. An exclusive helicopter sightseeing tour to the underwater waterfall of Mauritius is the best way to see this incredible illusion from the sky.

The underwater waterfall of Mauritius with a spectacular gamut of greens, blues, and whites, creates a deceiving impression that it drops down just like a raging waterfall. The waterfall is located near the shores of Le Morne Brabant in the southwest of Mauritius.

The illusion is the result from the movement of sand and silt sediments under the influence of powerful underwater currents. Even it looks so real, just switch off and relax, the waterfall is safe to swim in or even surf on and it is visible year round.

The view of the underwater waterfall is absolutely breathtaking when seen from a helicopter. A true wonder not to be missed. This helicopter sightseeing tour unfolds another side of Mauritius where you will feast your eyes on the enchanting sights of incredible mountain ranges, perfect postcard lagoons, while sand beaches, undulating sugar cane fields and the view gets even more breathtaking.

You can opt to enjoy the Underwater Waterfall Helicopter Tour in Mauritius departing from Mauritius International Airport, or choose any of the helipads located in the North, East or South of the island. The pilot, trained in the highest safety standards, will personally guide and inform you about the fantastic landscapes en route.

Mauritius Underwater Waterfall Helicopter Tour – from Airport

• for up to 2 participants: 790 Euro
• for 3 participants: 980 Euro
• for 4 participants: 1170 Euro
• 45-minute tour

Mauritius Underwater Waterfall Helicopter Tour – from Helipads:

North Region Helipads:

• for up to 2 participants: 1175 Euro
• for 3 participants: 1350 Euro
• for 4 participants: 1525 Euro
• Flight duration: 1 hr or 1 hr 15 mins (depending on the departure point )

East Region Helipads:

• for up to 2 participants: 990 Euro
• for 3 participants: 1190 Euro
• for 4 participants: 1390 Euro
• Flight duration: 60 mins

South Region Helipads:

• for up to 2 participants: 615 Euro
• for 3 participants: 725 Euro
• for 4 participants: 835 Euro
• Flight duration: 30 mins

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