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11 nations reach TPP trade deal

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Canada and 10 other countries reached an agreement Tuesday on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal many thought dead after the U.S. pulled out of negotiations.

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But after two-days of talks in Tokyo, the deal was struck and the countries expect to follow with an official signed agreement by early March.

The agreement comes after Canada made international news when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to agree to the proposed TPP11 – so named because 11 countries are included – at a conference in Vietnam in November.

Trudeau said Canada wanted provisions for environmental and labor rights. The deal includes stronger provisions in those areas.

The TPP underwent a few incarnations before becoming reality in Tokyo.

It was thought dead after the U.S., on the orders of President Donald Trump, pulled out of negotiations a year ago. Trump said the agreement would cost American jobs.

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