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€1.8m for 800 former retail workers in the Netherlands

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EU job search aid worth €1,818,750 for 800 former retail workers in the Netherlands was approved in plenary in a vote.

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The workers were made redundant by six retail trade companies which recently went bankrupt in the Drenthe and Overijssel provinces.

The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) aid still needs to be approved by the Council of Ministers on 17 February.

The redundancies were due to the effects of the global financial and economic crisis, which EU Commission figures show have hit the retail sector more recently than some others.

Some of the biggest retail outlets in the Netherlands went bankrupt by the end of 2015. In both the Drenthe and Overijssel provinces, the retail sector is one of the biggest in the regional economy.

This decision will help to prepare the former workers at the six Dutch companies (Aktiesport, Dolcis, Manfield, Perry Sport, Scapino and V&D) for new job opportunities.