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3rd round Brexit talks conclude with no decisive progress

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Amid a blaming game between the European Union (EU) and Britain, the third round of Brexit talks concluded Thursday without decisive progress, as expected.

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"Over the course of this week we have made a number of useful clarification on a number of points, for instance the status of border workers.

"However, we did not get any decisive progress on any of the principle subjects,"European Union (EU) chief negotiator Michel Barnier told a joint news conference with Britain's Brexit Secretary David Davis.

Scolding London for demanding the "impossible", Barnier said "protect EU order and Single Market is our top priority in Brexit talks... you cannot simply remain in the single market while shun EU responsibilities."

"If we want the talks to be successful, we have to be as constructive as possible and as less ambiguous as possible," he added.

For his part, Davis told reporters in the joint press briefing with Barnier that the two sides had deep negotiations in this tough week.

"We want EU to be more flexible and the third round Brexit talks could be constructive," said Davis, noting that flexible and imaginative should be the right path of the European Council.

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