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$4.1 million for 42 cities in Westchester, New York

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that $4.1 million in Federal grants are available through New York State Homes and Community Renewal, to 42 cities, towns and villages in Westchester for housing, infrastructure, facilities and economic development.

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marks the third year of Governor Cuomo’s $1 billion statewide House NY program.
Prior to this year, these municipalities were part of the Westchester County Consortium that was prohibited from receiving funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) due to the County's non-compliance with federal Fair Housing requirements.

The County disbanded the Consortium this year, enabling the former members to apply directly to the State for funding if they provide evidence of affirmatively furthering fair housing.

In February 2015, Governor Cuomo and Congresswoman Lowey announced an agreement to release a targeted Request for Proposals for HUD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to address priority issues in eligible Westchester communities.

New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) has now issued the Request for Proposals to eligible local governments that serve populations of less than 50,000.

HCR will award more than $4 million through the competitive application to ensure that funding goes to initiatives that encourage investment in communities, revitalize development and are well integrated with other regional priorities.

2015 marks the third year of Governor Cuomo’s $1 billion statewide House NY program, whose goal is to create or preserve 14,300 affordable units by 2018.

Unlike the funds that Westchester County forfeited, these funds are competitive and are administered through the State.

The eligible towns had formed the Westchester County Consortium to meet the population threshold necessary to receive a non-competitive annual allocation of CDBG funding. That status precluded the towns from applying to the State for competitive funds.

Now that they have that opportunity, HCR and HUD agreed to issue a targeted RFP for the amount of additional funding the State is receiving this year, thanks to the addition of the Westchester towns that were formerly part of the County's Consortium.

New York State Homes and Community Renewal will administer these CDBG funds and ensure that recipients comply with fair housing law.

Local governments must demonstrate that the proposed project will primarily impact low- and moderate-income households for initiatives that finance the creation, renovation or energy-efficient retrofits of affordable housing, as well as infrastructure funding.

Under the terms of the state/federal agreement eligible projects must be located in the catchment area of the former Westchester County Consortium.

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