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Antonov: Russia to make necessary steps over U.S. exit from Open Skies Treaty

Christian Fernsby |
Russia’s defense ministry and other relevant governmental agencies will take all the necessary measures over the United States’ withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty, Russia’s Ambassador to U.S. Anatoly Antonov said.

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In his words, after the U.S. withdrawal, "there would be no possibility for us to see what is going on on the territory of the United States."

"It’s a very serious step made by the United States, and I’m sure that the ministry of defense and other agencies concerned will take appropriate steps in the end to protect the national interests of our motherland," he said at a video conference, organized by the Washington-based Center for the National Interest.

"I’m very much concerned by this action and I consider it very counter-productive," the Russian diplomat added.

Antonov said that by quitting the treaty, the United States demonstrated the lack of political will to search for mutually acceptable solutions, TASS reported.

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