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Azerbaijan, Russia agreed on energy security system

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The Institute of Systems Management of Azerbaijan’s National Academy of Sciences and the St. Petersburg Arctic Social Sciences Academy signed an agreement for the implementation of Robust Noise Monitoring to ensure safety of pipelines on the territory of Yakutia.

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Tofig Babayev, head of Regional Information Technologies Academy, said the document signed on May 22 in Baku determines the first phase of cooperation between the sides in this area.

The design of the Institute allows by using sensors to receive signals (information) about wind speed, pressure, temperature, and so on.

A lot of noise and interference are fixed during drilling. Each signal has its own specific interference, whereby it becomes possible to predict undesirable incidents.

Using them as carriers of information, one can predict emergency situations, as the information is converted into signals which are then transmitted via radio.

Application of the RNM in aviation, oil and other sectors will allow to diagnose micro-accidents at an early stage and thus reduce accidents to a minimum.

Earlier, the Communications and Information Technologies Ministry has put forward a proposal on mass production of a diagnostics and control monitoring system Robust Noise Monitoring in industrial parks.

The Institute of Information Technology elaborated a new-generation monitoring and control system using RNM technologies, which allows increasing the profitability of oil wells.

A pilot version of the Robust Noise Monitoring system was used in the 35 oil-producing facilities of Bibiheybat Oil and Gas Producing Enterprise. The effectiveness of the system was confirmed by the SOCAR's Azneft Production Association as an appropriate system to be used in other oil-producing departments.

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