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Baltic ministers digitally sign cyber security agreement

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Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian ministers digitally signed cyber security cooperation agreement, which is the only known three-way digitally signed official document in the world.

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In the memorandum simultaneously digitally signed in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, the three Baltic countries agreed that necessary information and skills would be shared between the countries to prevent, repel and study cyber incidents.

In addition, the three countries agreed to enable transnational cooperation to restrict cyber attacks, spokespeople for the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications said.

It is the first known three-way transnational document in the world to be digitally signed.

Every Baltic country uses its own digital signature format – Estonia uses BDOC, Latvia EDOC and Lithuania ADOC – which is why the ministers signed three documents with a different format but the same content. All three formats are in effect in the whole European Union.

At the signing, which was carried out via a video conference, Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kristen Michal said that there are highly developed information societies in all three Baltic States and protecting it is their constant priority.

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