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Base in Poland means return to cold war, Russia denounces

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The installation of a permanent U.S. military base in Poland means a return to the security schemes of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) at the time of the Cold War, Russia denounced on Wednesday.

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A base for a North American motorized division, for which Warsaw is willing to pay billions of dollars, breaks the Russia-NATO Foundational Act, after the announced end of the Cold War, estimated the Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alexander Grushko.

Commenting on an announcement made in the framework of the high-level session of the UN General Assembly by U.S. President Donald Trump, Grushko warned that in that case his country will implement technical-military response measures.

Our response would be without much expense to restore the security of our country and military parity in the region. A base in Poland requires a proper counterweight on our part, he considered.

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