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Better protection against real estate discriminatory practices across Empire State

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The New York State Real Estate Board unanimously approved a proposed regulation to strengthen the state's fair housing enforcement efforts and prevent discriminatory practices by real estate professionals.

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Earlier this month, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo launched the Fair Housing Enforcement Program – a groundbreaking initiative to uncover discrimination in rental and home sale transactions in New York State.

“Housing discrimination is not just wrong – it is illegal, and this administration has zero tolerance for these unscrupulous and immoral practices,” said Governor Cuomo.

“I applaud the members of this board for their swift action and for working with us to create a safe, fair and welcoming New York."

The proposed regulation clarifies that acts of discrimination by licensed real estate professionals are illegal and that the New York Department of State will seek sanctions, including license revocation and fines, against real estate brokers and salespeople who are found to have engaged in any discriminatory practices in the course of their licensed real estate activities.

The Real Estate Board is chaired by the Secretary of State and includes members of the public and representatives from the New York State real estate industry.

With the exception of matters delegated specifically to the Secretary, the Board has general authority to promulgate rules and regulations affecting real estate brokers and salespersons in order to administer and effectuate the purposes of Article 12-A of the Real Property Law.

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