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Bolivia to fight crime with 1,500 security cameras

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Bolivia will purchase 1,500 cameras for public safety using a Chinese $35 million loan, Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera announced.

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“Throughout Bolivia, we have about 700 cameras working in important (locations). We’re buying another 1,500 cameras, it’s a Chinese loan, we’re going to establish some special monitoring centers... that are going to observe all the important streets and commercial centers.”

The administration is intending to implement elsewhere in the nation the security plan undertaken in June in the eastern city of Santa Cruz during the summit of the Group of 77 developing nations plus China.

At that event, the vice president said, Bolivia undertook an “excellent security deployment,” which managed to reduce crime in Santa Cruz by 20 percent.

For the G77 Summit, the Bolivian government strengthened security in Santa Cruz with 500 police officers, while the provincial and municipal administrations contributed more than 150 patrol vehicles to the security forces and financed the installation of 266 cameras to monitor the streets.

Garcia Linera said that the municipalities are obligated by law to allocate to public safety 10 percent of the resources they receive from a tax paid by the oil companies on production of natural gas for export, but some city administrations are not complying with this requirement.

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