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Bolsonaro's approval rating lowest in Brazilian history

Christian Fernsby |
Bolsonaro's approval rating has dropped by 15 percent in the last two months as his campaign promise of a "better future" for Brazlians has yet to come to fruition.

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air Bolsonaro's tenure as Brazilian President has gotten off to a rocky start despite campaign promises of a "better future" for the people of Brazil,teleSUR reported.

After 100 days in office, the far-right leader has witnessed a significant drop in his approval rating, hitting a dismal 34 percent at the end of March, the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics reported this month.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics, Bolsonaro's approval rating was 49 percent at the start of the new year; however, poor economic conditions and his controversial statements and behavior have dwindled his rating to 34 percent at the end of March.

Since his election, Bolsonaro has faced heavy criticism for his antics, which include demonizing women and minorities, hiring his own relatives to work in his cabinet, and making controversial public statements. ​​​​​

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