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Boris Johnson wants warships to take care of Gibraltar

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The Mayor of London Boris Johnson entered the political battle for Gibraltar. He said Spanish measures were reminiscent of the epoch of the dictator Franco.

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"The Spanish authorities have decided, for no good reason, to revive the border checks and general harassment of the Franco epoch. They are causing delay and botheration and they are now threatening a tax on goods vehicles going to the Rock. That is illegal under EU law, and tantamount to a blockade. They must stop it all, and pronto," said Mr. Johnson.

Spanish authorities have increased vehicle checks at the border causing major delays for tourists and residents. It has also reportedly considered bringing in a new 50 euros fee on every vehicle entering or leaving the British territory.

The move followed a decision by Gibraltar to drop 70 concrete blocks into the sea next to its territory, which it claimed would create an artificial reef for sea life to flourish.

"Perhaps it really is a coincidence - as the Foreign Office claims - that we have just sent a fleet of warships to Gibraltar. Maybe it's just a fluke that HMS Illustrious is about to bristle into view on the southern coast of Spain, complete with thousands of Royal Marines and other elite commando units. But I hope not. I hope that one way or another we will shortly prise Spanish hands off the throat of our colony, because what is now taking place is infamous," said Mr. Johnson.

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