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Brazil and Peru to intensify bilateral trade and investment

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During the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN), Brazil’s president Michel Temer and his Peruvian counterpart, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, met and agreed to create a mechanism for High Level Meetings.

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This would mean that ministers and the heads of both states would meet annually.

The idea is to intensify and diversify the relation between the two countries, emphasising the increase of bilateral trade and investment. Peru already has this type of agreement with Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia.

At the meeting, the Peruvian president praised his Brazilian counterpart’s speech, mentioning that Temer’s leadership in Brazil, Mauricio Macri’s in Argentina and Juan Manuel Santos’ in Colombia, represent 'a good moment for the South American region’.

The President Temer talked to Kuczynski about Brazil’s pacifying project, which is based on proposals to reform the economy and generate jobs for Brazilian workers. Another matter addressed by Temer was the importance of fighting organised crime together, as Brazil and Peru share a 2,995-kilometre-long border.

At the end of the conversation, Temer invited Kuczynski to visit Brazil. The Peruvian president accepted the invitation, but the date has yet to be decided.

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