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Brazil and U.S. celebrate air transport agreement

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Aiming to eliminate barriers between the two countries, Brazil and US have signed a bilateral agreement on air transport this Tuesday (26 June).

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The treaty, known as an Open Skies agreement, makes it possible for signatory countries to fly over each other's territory without landing and removes any limits to the frequency of flights between the two nations.

Brazil and the United States also discussed a rapprochement between the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) and NASA as a way to boost strategic projects between the two countries.

"We will make progress in the negotiations on technological safeguards, aiming to achieve commercial use of the Alcantara Base and deepen our joint efforts for scientific and technological development and the prosperity of our peoples," Temer said.

“Brazil is the first Latin American country to be a US partner in this regard," Pence highlighted while discussing possible collaboration efforts between AEB and its US counterpart.

The U.S. is the world's largest economy and Brazil's second largest trading partner. Data from the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services shows that bilateral trade between the two countries totalled US$ 51.8 billion in 2017, the result of US$ 26.8 billion in exports and US$ 24.8 billion in imports.

In 2016, foreign direct investments from the U.S. in Brazil totalled US$ 103.6 billion; in the other direction, Brazil invested US$ 36.9 billion. It is estimated that Brazilian investments create around 100,000 direct jobs in the United States.

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