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Brazil will need to recruit doctors abroad until 2026

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The government of Brazil will need to continue recruiting foreign physicians until 2026 to ensure the provision of basic health care nationwide, Health Minister Arthur Chioro said in an interview with G1 Web.

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President Dilma Rousseff launched the Mais Medicos (More Doctors) program in June 2013 to address a shortage of physicians in poor and remote areas.

Opposed by the main lobbying group representing Brazilian physicians, the program has recruited 18,000 professionals, including 11,400 Cubans, 5,200 Brazilians and 1,500 more from a range of other nationalities.

By 2026, Chioro said, Brazil should have a sufficient number of primary health care doctors to dispense with overseas recruitment. The Health Ministry says that 73 percent of the country’s 5,570 municipalities are served by doctors enrolled in the Mais Medicos program.

Chioro said the government is committed to maintaining the initiative despite the economic crisis that has forced the Rousseff administration to cut spending.

“The president tells me all the time that nothing will change in the Mais Medicos program,” the minister said.

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