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Brazilian public debt dropped in July

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The Brazilian public debt, which comprises internal and external debts, was down 1.35% in July from June. According to the National Treasury, indebtedness stood at R$ 2.173 trillion ($951.4 billion) last month.

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In June, indebtedness amounted to R$ 2.2 trillion ($963.2 billion).

According to the National Treasury, debt decreased because R$ 82.88 billion ($36.28 billion) worth of bonds matured in July. The government, in turn, issued bonds worth a combined R$ 31.34 billion ($13.72 billion).

Matured bonds exceeded bonds issued by R$ 51.53 billion ($22.56 billion). The country also disbursed R$ 19.6 billion ($8.5 billion) in interest payments.

According to the official news agency Agencia Brasil, the general coordinator for Public Debt Management at the National Treasury, Fernando Garrido, said indebtedness dropped because July had less business days as a consequence of Brazil’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup. Since there were less business days, less bonds were issued.

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