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British Columbia giving $385,000 for zero-emission vehicles

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British Columbia is providing $385,000 to offer incentives for zero-emission specialty-use vehicles.

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Specialty-use vehicles are used on the job in factories and warehouses, on campuses and city streets, at parks and resorts, malls, airports and dockyards.

Zero-emission specialty-use vehicles include electric or hydrogen fuel cell motorcycles, low-speed utility trucks, heavy duty transport trucks, passenger buses and airport and port service vehicles.

Incentives ranging from $2,000 to $50,000 – depending on the type and retail price of the vehicle – will be provided to eligible applicants who purchase or lease an approved, new, zero-emission specialty-use vehicle.

Currently, zero-emission versions of common specialty-use vehicles can be priced from 40% to 600% higher than traditional gas or diesel versions.

The incentives will help close the price gap and make zero-emission specialty-use vehicles a more attractive and economically viable option for fleet operators.

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