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Bulgarian growers to receive 18 million euro in subsidies

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For the third consecutive year, Bulgarian producers of quality fruit and vegetables will receive subsidies from the national budget.

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This year the amount is the highest ever, 35.2 million Lev (approximately 18 million Euro). The funds will go to over 2,000 producers who have applied under the scheme and have received the necessary certification for their products.

In the previous two years, the funding was of 15 million Lev (7.67 million Euro). The funding applies to ten types of fruit and vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, apples, cherries and peaches. The subsidy per tonne of production is of 160.38 lev (€ 82), according to the order of the Minister of Agriculture, Desislava Taneva, which was published on Tuesday.

Not only the amount of funding has increased, but also the number of companies that benefited, which will reach 1,500, compared to the 400 that received money in the first campaign.

The funds will support the production of nearly 220,000 tonnes of products, with about three-quarters of them going to cherry, peach and pepper producers, who were the most affected by rainfall and hail storms last season.

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