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Calling on the UK Government to give Wales control over flight tax

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First Minister Carwyn Jones is calling on the UK Government to give Wales control over flight tax as new evidence disputes existing arguments for withholding devolution of Air Passenger Duty (APD).

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The amount of tax paid on flights (APD) for Welsh customers is currently set by the UK Government, while Scotland and Northern Ireland are able to cut the cost of longer haul flights by reducing APD.

The Welsh Government has long called for the devolution of APD, supported by the findings of the Holtham and Silk Commissions.

However, the UK Government has resisted calls, saying any reduction in APD in Wales would negatively impact on Bristol Airport.

The peer reviewed independent evidence published today reveals that despite well publicised commentary suggesting that such a move would cause Bristol Airport serious detriment, the impact would in fact be negligible.

More importantly, devolving and then reducing APD in Wales would directly result in a significant positive benefit for the economies of both south Wales and the south west of England and would result in more choice for passengers throughout both regions.

These joint benefits for the south west of the UK offer the Westminster Government an important opportunity to begin to rebalance the UK economy.