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Canada further strengthens trade enforcement to protect steel and aluminum

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The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced increased funding for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Global Affairs Canada to further strengthen Canada's trade enforcement.

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This further bolsters Canada's efforts to prevent transshipment and diversion of unfairly priced foreign steel and aluminum into the North American market.

While Canada already has strong and effective enforcement, we are taking these additional steps to ensure our workers and industries are not harmed by unfair trade.

The new funding – more than $30 million over five years, starting immediately, and $6.8 million per year after that – will mean more than 40 new officers to investigate trade-related complaints, including those related to steel and aluminum.

This will also enable the gathering of more accurate data on imports to help us better monitor trade trends and better protect our industries and workers against unfair trade.

"Canadian workers and industries deserve a level playing field, and we will continue to protect them from unfair trade practices.

"Part of that includes making sure Canadian trade enforcement agencies have the resources they need to defend the competitiveness of our businesses and our important North American trading relationships.

"We will stand up for our workers and industries, and do what is needed to preserve the fair and open trading environment they depend on," said Trudeau.

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