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Canada, Netherlands negotiating trusted traveller agreement

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Canadian and Dutch citizens would be able to visit each other's countries more easily under a plan to expand Canada's trusted traveller programs beyond North America.

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Canada and the Netherlands have been negotiating a bilateral agreement that would allow their citizens to apply to each other's programs for travellers considered to be a low security risk, records obtained under the Access to Information Act show.

The initiative would be modelled on the current Nexus travellers program between Canada and the United States, the Canada Border Services Agency records say. Officials have been developing the regulatory, technological and fee-collection systems needed to implement an accord.

Trusted traveller programs are intended to speed the flow of low-risk, known citizens across borders by ushering them into express queues, giving security officers more time to focus limited resources on those who may pose a higher risk. Enrolment in Nexus is expected to reach saturation at about a million members within a few years.

A conservative estimate of potential intake into Canada's trusted traveller programs, if arrangements were to be signed with a handful of like-minded countries," is in the range of 100,000 additional members.

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