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Canada welcomes Keystone XL pipeline study

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Canada's natural resources minister, Joe Oliver, said he was more confident the Keystone XL pipeline will be approved, after a U.S. study said the project wouldn't likely change the amount of oil removed from Canadian oil sands.

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"I am more confident, it was an important report. The choice for the United States is clear: oil supply from a reliable, environmentally responsible friend and neighbor or from unstable sources with similar or higher greenhouse gas emissions and lesser environmental standards," Mr. Oliver told reporters, describing the analysis as consistent and clear.

The study suggested that building the pipeline would have little impact on global climate change. The project's opponents have said the pipeline should not be built, arguing its heavy-crude cargo will increase emissions.

Mr. Oliver sid, "I am hoping that the decision will be taken expeditiously," adding he would like to see that decision in the first half of the year.

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