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China annoyed, demands U.S. lift military sanctions

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China expressed Friday outrage and demanded the United States withdraw financial sanctions imposed unilaterally on a military enterprise for buying equipment in Russia to reinforce national defense.

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Geng Shuang, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, told reporters that his government demands the immediate withdrawal of any punishing measure against its domestic companies.

'The Chinese Government expresses severe indignation from those irrational practices of the United States', said Geng, alerting of serious consequences if Washington persists in its offensive against Beijing.

In this way, Geng was responding U.S. President, Donald Trump's decision to apply punitive actions to the Department of Development of Equipment of the Ministry of Defense of China, and its main managers, for buying missiles and Russian combat planes.

The sanction is based on the law to Counter Adversaries of the U.S. through Sanctions, approved in 2017 as a war tool against Russia, Iran and the People's Democratic Republic of Korea.

This is the second time in barely one week that Washington announces punitive measures against a Chinese enterprise, whose authorities clarified their firm opposition to actions sustained on foreign laws applied on its citizens or companies.

With this, the U.S. heats up more its rift with China, as both powers keep an acid confrontation in trade that unleashed a tariff war on their respective imports.

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