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China describes U.S. obstacles to Huawei, ZTE as economic harassment

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China describes the new U.S.-proposed measures against Huawei and ZTE operations as an economic harassment, a discordant note as both powers are currently making progress towards a pact that seals their trade war.

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After expressing a resounding rejection, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded Washington to stop defamation and imposition of unreasonable restrictions on domestic firms.

The document said that the last obstacles are contrary to the U.S. market principles and will not have support in the international community.

The United States abuses its power to intensify the limitations against the Chinese companies without providing any evidence to support its accusations and will only harm its own companies and consumers, the text stated.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged the White House to stop generalizing the concept of a threat to the national security and guarantee fair businesses without discrimination.

The Beijing government responded to the presentation on Monday of a proposal by US regulators to prevent local telecommunications firms from buying technology and services from Huawei and ZTE.

The initiative will be voted on November 19, and if approved, it would lead to dismantling equipment from affected parties that are in operation and would prohibit the use of government money to acquire equipment from corporations considered a threat to the national security.

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