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China must replace insecure internet with domestic technology

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China must speed up plans to replace insecure internet technology with domestic alternatives, President Xi Jinping said.

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Foreign business chambers have urged Chinese officials to revise a series of new and pending regulations mandating "secure and controllable" network technologies in industries from banking to insurance, calling them vague and discriminatory.

Those groups say the measures could give preferential treatment to Chinese companies supplying hardware and software, or that foreign firms could be required to source incompatible government-approved technology or products with security weaknesses.

Chinese officials say businesses have nothing to fear from the policies and that the country must tackle the real and growing security risks it faces, from hacking to terrorism.

"China must accelerate the advancement of domestic production, indigenous and controllable substitution plans, and the building of secure and controllable information technology systems," Xi told officials at a meeting on internet development.

"Although China's internet technology and network security guarantees have made big achievements, there is still a huge gap compared with advanced levels around the world," the official Xinhua news agency cited Xi as saying.

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