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China questions U.S. duties on Chinese construction products

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China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) questioned the U.S. decision to slap heavy duties on certain construction products from China, promising necessary measures to defend the rights of companies involved.

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The U.S. Commerce Department said last week that certain biaxial integral geogrid products from China had been sold in the U.S. at dumping margins of 372.81 percent and received subsidies of between 15.61 percent and 152.5 percent.

As a result, the Commerce Department will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to require cash deposits at the final rates, according to the ruling.

In a comment about the move, MOC trade official Wang Hejun questioned the U.S. investigation procedures, accusing U.S. authorities of ignoring basic facts and abusing trade rules.

Wang urged the United States to abide by WTO rules and cautiously take trade remedy measures.

Biaxial integral geogrid products are used in road construction and other projects for reinforcing foundations or working platforms that are built on unstable soil.

Imports of these products from China were estimated at about 9.2 million U.S. dollars in 2014, according to U.S. official data.

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