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China to provide 10-year visas to Canadians

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China agreed to provide 10-year multiple-entry visas to Canadian travellers crossing the Pacific for business, tourism or family purposes.

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In Vancouver, trade minister Ed Fast said the change will reduce costs, cut red tape and make life easier for Canadian companies.

The arrangement was first announced in Beijing by China's Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, who said the agreement would have the countries "issuing visas to each other's citizens with the validity period of up to 10 years." Canada began providing 10-year visas to Chinese citizens as early as 2012. In November of 2014, China and the United States also reached a mutual 10-year visa arrangement.

Up until now, Canadian business travellers were typically placed on a graduating scale, often with a single-entry visa for the first visit, and then multiple-entry visas with increasingly long periods of time on subsequent occasions.

The visas were primarily an inconvenience because it is not known if thre is any business traveller who was denied.

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