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Chris Bryant: UK should employ locally

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UK Labour Party aksed companies to ensure they recruit more workers from the UK and to stop import workers from other countries.

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Shadow immigration minister Chris Bryant said that "unscrupulous" employers should be prevented from exploiting people from poorer countries. Mr. Bryant, giving a speech to the the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) think tank, said: "The government's immigration policy adds up to cheap and nasty gimmicks rather than serious proposals or practical measures to tackle illegal entry. And it may well be that people in the UK are physically less mobile than people elsewhere in the European Union. But I don’t think that is good enough."

Mr. Bryant called for more focus on encouraging UK businesses to recruit "locally": "And I want to see the government take action working with companies to make sure they can recruit more local young people, qualified to to the job."

"The hospitality, care and construction industries had "consistently high levels of recruitment from abroad, and far too low levels of training for local young people. Now, many employers say they prefer to take on foreign workers. They have lots of 'get up and go', they say. They are reliable. They turn up and they work hard.

"But I've heard examples from across the country where employers appear to have made a deliberate decision not to provide training to local young people but to cut pay and conditions and to recruit from abroad instead, or to use tied accommodation and undercut the minimum wage," said Mr. Bryant.

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