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Colombia must assign more spectrum for wireless internet

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Colombia must assign more spectrum for wireless internet services within the next eight years to ensure that enough capacity exists to meet growing demand, the National Spectrum Agency, or ANE, said.

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Speaking at the 4th International Spectrum Congress, a two-day event in Bogota that ends Wednesday, the director-general of that advisory body, Oscar Leon, warned of a potential "deficit" in the coming years in terms of the amount of spectrum assigned for mobile internet service.

The 405 MHz current assigned for international mobile telecommunications services is insufficient, Leon said.

The goal is "to have 1,440 MHz of spectrum available within the next eight to 10 years" to meet the higher demand stemming from the proliferation of mobile systems, Leon told Efe in an interview Tuesday.

An additional 50 MHz of spectrum also is to be assigned to handle the high data traffic that is anticipated with the arrival of the "internet of Things," a technological revolution whereby a network of smart devices will be interconnected within the existing internet infrastructure to make people's lives easier.

The internet of Things, for example, will enable a person to turn on an appliance before arriving home or know how many miles he or she has run based on a sensor embedded in their shoes, the ANE said in a statement.

Colombia's information and communications technology minister, Diego Molano, also attended the first day of the gathering and presented the government's objectives for this sector over the next four years.

Colombia is striving to become a leader in the development of social mobile applications as well as to leverage technology to improve the government's efficiency and transparency, Molano said.

Spectrum is the "raw material of telecommunications" and authorities therefore must properly manage this resource with a view to making a positive social impact on communities, he added.

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